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2015 News Archive

November 24th 2015

The character manager now has three new buttons: Load Portrait, Remove Portrait and Reload Portrait. You can use Load Portrait to browse to an image file you would like to use as your character's portrait. It will automaticall resize and position on the character sheet. You can remove it from the character via the Remove Portrait button. You can also reload the image from the file path recordered under HERO IMAGE on the FASERIP tab with the Reload Portrait button. The XML save file will record the portrait's path for later reloading.

November 25th 2015

For those of you who are searching around for the Commodore OS distrobution of Linux-Mint produced by Commodore USA. I have made both installation and extras disc images available here for direct download. Very few distributions of Lunux run without issues on the Commodore 64x. So I've made it available here for anyone needing these images to restore this OS on their C64x or Vic Slim.

November 20th 2015

I've fixed the importer to correctly assign the powers values to their proper columns. I have also added a new feature that allows you to specify for each power if it references the primary or secondary form's abilities. Previously, it only referenced that of the primary form.

November 16th 2015

Its finally ready for prime time. I Have finished entering all of the data for the power listing in the Advanced Player's Book, Ultimate Powers Book and Realms of Magic supplement. The Marvel Character Manager can be used to create and manage a character for the MSH RPG. Vehicle support will be coming in the near future. This Excel spreadsheet is saves in XLSM format and will work with Office 2010 and newer. It also featres a character import and export feature that saves the character in XML format.

October 8th 2015

There is a new member in the Marvel Super Heroes download section. I am happy to announce a newly update, and now available for download, MSH vehicle record sheet. It has been updated to handle a vehicle capable of transforming into a second vehicular configuration. That should make any players of triple-changers happy.

June 14th 2015

I have reconstructed and revised the old Marvel Super heroes house rules document. It ended up being rewritten in full, as I am a much better author now than I was back in the day. New content has been added as well. All of the entires now have much more detailed and will be easier to understand.

June 17th 2015

I have added the races, deities and classes from Frostburn to the D&D 3.5e level planner. In addition, I have also added clear buttons to the D&D 5e and fixed the initiative calculation while I was at it.

May 31st 2015

I corrected one bug in the D&D 5e level planner. It now calculates initiative correctly. I've also reactivated and renovated the campaign roster page

May 27th 2015

The D&D 5th edition level planner has received yet another minor update. This time I have sdded clear buttons to each of the green user tabs, including one that will clear them all.

May 25th 2015

I've added the number of attacks and vision type to the character sheet's front page. Page two presents a list of feats currently obtained. The drop down list for druid circle is correct now.

April 19th 2015

I just discovered the Goliath race in the Elemental Evil Player's Guide online supplement and added it to the level planner.

April 13th 2015

I've added the Genasi races to the level planner.

March 12th 2015

Maneuver support for the Battle Master martial archetype has been added to the 5th edition level planner.

March 12th 2015

I've updated the 5e level planner today. I completed its ability to find granted proficiencies from all possible sources. I've also fixed the flaw with the title builder. It now has no limit to the number of classes it can string together. I've separated the data tabs (red) from the calculation tabs (black). Output tab color has been changed from blue to goldenrod.

February 27th 2015

Over the past few days, I've been working on recreating my lost MS Word master of the Gamma World 4th edition adaptation of the cyborg creation rules found in the 3rd edition of that game. As I did so, I rewrote small portions to correct any errors in the rules and grammar, I've also added a table of contents and a cover to the file, bringing it more in-line with my current publications.

February 22nd 2015

Even though it is still a work in progress, I have added my Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Character Manager / Level Planner to the download section. For now it is located under the d20 section. This is prompting me to, in the near future, either change the section category from d20 to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) or to break up the categories into separate editions, which are really separate game systems these days.

February 21st 2015

The website is now officially fully integrated with the new RSS news format. Even the dynamically generated news archive buttons have been revamped to delve into the RSS feed and create only the buttons needed for those years where the feed was updated rather than conforming to a rather dumb pattern that I tend to forget to update. This guarantees that there are no archive buttons that have no news articles under them.

February 19th 2015

I've converted the news data from XML to RSS. You can now subscribe to it as a RSS feed by clicking on the RSS button in the header.