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2012 News Archive

September 28th 2012

I have revised the class abilities of the Shield-Maiden once more according to feedback received.

September 27th 2012

I have revised the class abilities of the Shield-Maiden according to feedback received. Hopefully, this version will not be as over-powered as the last.

September 27th 2012

I finished writing up the Shield-Maiden prestige class in the OGL Rules Appendix.

September 7th 2012

I have added the Dragon Companion PrC to the OGL rules appendix. I still have a more PrC's to write up, and the Shield-Maiden PrC is only a work in progress at this time.

September 4th 2012

I have added the Druidic Knight PrC to the OGL rules appendix. I still have a few more PrC's to write up.

September 2nd 2012

I have updated the Kingdom of Darkonnia Gazetteer again. This time, adding the Avenger PrC and some 3.5e deity conversions to appendix 2.

August 31st 2012

I have updated the Kingdom of Darkonnia Gazetteer with a rebuilt and updated social class chart. Also, every entry on that chart has an entry under each social class. Other areas have been updated and reorganized to adapt to the changes made.

July 31st 2012

I've given the site a cosmetic overhaul, making it look a little bit classier. I hope you like it.

July 29th 2012

The navigation system has been remodelled to a more simple space efficient set-up. I decided to get rid of the external links and the various file links, as those can be handled through the download system. This should give more viewable room to those small screens out there.

July 26th 2012

I finally managed to reconstruct my corrupted Kingdom of Darkonnia Gazetteer. Happy days! I have added a few more pages of material to it and intend to make more updates later on.

June 12th 2012

I made a few fixes to the level planner. It appears that I neglected to uppubDate the reset macro for the class selection tab, which ended up with it deleting the Cast As level tracker. It has been repaired. Also, I have added a column into the customize tab which allows you to edit the skills appearing in the skill list. The original method of doing so wasn't all that intuitive. A third thing a changed was the color-coding of the class selection tab. It was not consistent with the rest of the tabs. Calculated areas are in light blue and areas where you shouldn't be adding entries are now using a diagonal hatch pattern instead of that very light grey, that some people were having problems distinguishing from the white type-able areas. Nothing is stopping you from typing in the hatched areas, but there is no reason to do so as it does that to levels where you have no points/slots to spend.

April 20th 2012

I have updated the level planner to version 3.4. This version expands the reset capabilities to the skill overrides tab as well as the new spell journal. The spell journal is under the Caster tab. You can use it to log in the spells, mysteries, inventions or other spell-like capabilities acquired my your character at specific levels. It also calculated the relevant DCs for those abilities.

April 17th 2012

I have added material from the Quintessential Chaos Mage and Sisters of Rapture books to the d20 3.5 Level Planner.

April 16th 2012

I have updated the d20 3.5 Level Planner to version 3.3. New features inslude the ability to reset the character information in the entire sheet or by individual worksheet. I've also added in race information from the Monster Manual as well as from other sources. Conversion from Dragonlance races to the Races of Ansalon rule book is ongoing; although, I have made it as far as page 128 in that tome.