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2010 News Archive

October 23rd 2010

I've acquired a new full time job over the past two weeks, and as a result nothing has been happening toward making things move here. Nobody will notice but I did just automate a few more processes on this site. Adding item entries just became a whole lot easier with the new PHP scripting in place. I just have to uppubDate my XML file and the web site will manage the presentation of the contents for me as well as generate the item archive buttons automatically so that I don't have to go through the annual item archive hassle any more. Hooray!

August 3rd 2010

Sorry for the lack of news for all this time but my documents folder got damaged and I have to rebuild most of me large files again. It's a monumental task. I've started reconstructing the gallery section and updated the D&D/AD&D Timeline for some new books and added some race and class lists under certain book's entries.