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2009 News Archive

September 13th 2009

I've updated the d20 House Rules file again. This time I've added a feature to the Wizard's arcane implement specialization ability for staff users. I've also figured out the arcane implement supremacy abilities for crystal and bag/hat users.

July 10th 2009

I've updated the d20 House Rules file, adding onto the divine implements abilities. I'm now down to only two implements that are not finished: the holy symbol and open hand.

July 5th 2009

I've updated the D&D House Rules file today. It now offerers an alternate skill system called Skill Mastery. The new system utilizes the skills that currently exist in the Rules Cyclopedia but treat them in a manner similar to Weapon Mastery, allowing for training level to have a greater impact on the skill than the ability score it is based on.

June 7th 2009

I've updated the d20 house rules file once more, adding a wand as a divine implement and adding more entries to the divine implement abilities. I've also added a new rule under maneuvers for blocking and parrying.

April 12th 2009

I've updated the d20 house rules file with further refinements on the wizard's class abilities. I think it makes then even more interesting. I do intend to add more to it as well as with the cleric. Progress tends to rely on the interest of my playtesters in the class. I've also added some material to Twi'light's notebook to cover Sinya's descendants as well as stats for more than once SW rules set.

March 15th 2009

I'm currently restructuring the Kindom of Darkonnia. It has a new cover and the look is getting a slow renovation. I am also segregating the mechanics from the setting information in order to make it compativbe with both the Rules Cyclopedia and OGL 3.5. I've also added a new fey race called the Grenlings to both sections.

March 3rd 2009

I'm working a little on the Kingdom of Darkonnia gazetteer. I've made a new logo for it and removed the D&D logo. I'm also working on an OGL compatible section and have moved all OD&D specific material to its own section.