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2008 News Archive

December 22nd 2008

I've updated the d20 House Rules file again. It now contains a revised Sorcerer in addition to the Cleric and Wizard classes.

December 21st 2008

I've updated the d20 House Rules file to include an alternate ability check method as featured in D&D 4e and Star Wars Saga Edition. I have also revised the Cleric and Wizard classes in order to make them more attractive to players. I will be doing the same to the Sorcerer at a later pubDate.

November 3rd 2008

I've added another prestige class to the Star Wars House Rules file: The Rynhallan Dancer. Its a mercenary order that combines martial arts with dance in a way that its nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other. They make excellent spies and assassins.

October 27th 2008

I have finished adding to the Star Wars House Rules file. It includes a SW adaption of T.Catt's Sisters of Rapture class as well as an original dark side version called the Dark Side Temptress. I have also adapted the alternate lightsaber crystals from the Saga edition KOTOR Guide to this edition of the game. You can purchase T.Catt's Sisters of Rapture on RPGNow.

August 13th 2008

The D&D House Rules file has been updated with two new ability rolling methods, a new magic-user sub-class called the battle mage and an updated look.