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2007 News Archive

December 23rd 2007

I've been adding to Twi'light's notebook a bit. Right now its a work in progress and will be uploaded every so often as I get ideas.

November 26th 2007

The D&D House Rules file has been updated with some new sub-classes, enough sub-classes to warrant it being moved to its own section. More sub-classes will come as I get time to add them.

June 25th 2007

I have added a spreadsheet to the d20 download section that converts a d20 SW character to the older d6 SW RPG. I have also added the first version of the Star Wars Setting Guide to help players in the StarWarsERPG, StarWarsENJO and StarWarsELegacy PBeM Groups.

May 30th 2007

I have added Xararia to my character links to compile her pics and documents into one location. I have also been expanding her notebook as well to account for current developments. The Darkonnia Gazetteer has also been updated with the Pirates Code and the Corsair descriptions of Conduct so that us sailor characters know what we can and can't do.

May 13th 2007

The D&D Database has had most of the general skills entered into it, excluding new skills from The Orcs of Thar. Those will be input soon enough though. The Database now has a functioning switchboard providing a simple interface for navigating the data.

May 4th 2007

I've updated the Star Wars d20 House Rules file. I've also replaced the D&D Weapon Mastery Database. While it still mainly supports Weapon Master skills, it is expanding to cover General Skills and languagesas well as slowly evolving into a place to store character stats.

April 22nd 2007

I've Added some naughty items to the Star Wars House Rules file as well as made both of my character notebooks available for download.

January 3rd 2007

Happy New Year everyone! Today I have finished migrating the Yu-Gi-Oh section to this site. Just click on the Yu-Gi-Oh button on the sidebar to check it out.