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2006 News Archive

December 3rd 2006

Darkonnia is fully operational. As of now I will no longer be updating my old home page. I have made one last entry into the item section there to prompt those who do visit my site to come here.

November 25th 2006

The forum and roster sections are now online. I have also tested the site on Internet Explorer, Netscape navigator and Firefox and each one displays the site identically. Happy me.

November 24th 2006

I am currently reconstructing my web site in PHP and will be adding several new capabilities to it, including a forum so that hopefully we will be able to support play be email games over here without having big brother Yahoo watching us all the time.

November 13th 2006

I have updated the D&D House Rules file again to fill out the new mystic martial maneuvers rules. It now has content from AD&D 1st edition Oriental Adventures, AD&D 2nd edition Complete Ninja's Handbook and High-Level Campaigns as well as some custom maneuvers from myself and Ed. I believe this is the final version.