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Basic Set (Level 1-3)

Expert Set (Level 4-14)

Companion Set (Level 15-25)

Master Set (Level 26-36)

Third edition only lasted two years before TSR decided to give both D&D and AD&D a facelift. While AD&D only had its covers updated, D&D received the most attention it would ever get. The spell tables were revised, and new classes were added. The rules now spanned five boxed sets, each covering levels all the way up to 36th and beyond with the last boxed set which introduced rules for playing immortals, the religion neutral approach to deities, from level 1 to 36. This was definitely a golden age for D&D. The sketchy known world setting was greatly expanded by the gazetteer series to great depths and the planet was now named Mystara.

Classes: Avenger, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Headsman, Knight, Magic-User, Mystic, Paladin, Thief, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling
Alignments: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic
Level Range: 1-36

Basic Set: These two rulebooks provide all of the basic rules of the game such as character generation for clerics, elves, dwarves, fighters, halflings, magic-users and thieves. It also provides equipment, spells, treasure and monsters appropriate for first through third level characters. Basic rules required for dungeon-level adventuring is covered.

Racial Classes Classes Sub-Classes
Dwarf Cleric
Elf Fighter
Halfling Magic-User

Expert Set: This rulebook covers more advanced rules, spells, equipment and monsters for 4th through 14th level wilderness and seagoing adventures.

Companion Set: These two rulebooks expand the previous reules sets with rules for founding a dominion and building a stronghold. Rules and monsters suitable for 15th through 25th level planar adventuring are added. The War Machine mass combat rules and wrestling rules are introduced here along with multi-function weapons and armor. Spells and treasures suitable to these levels are added, as well as the concept of sub-classes such as the druid, avenger, knight and paladin.

Racial Classes Classes Sub-Classes

Masters Set: This set of two rulebooks further expand the slasses to advance from 26th through 36th level. Additional equipment, spells, treasure and monsters are added. The weapon mastery and path to immortality rules are introduced here. Optional guidelines for making the headsman and mystic character classes are detailed, as are artifact creation and monster spellcasters.

Racial Classes Classes Sub-Classes

Immortal Set: This set of two rulebooks cover everything that players need to run immortal-level characters and campaigns.

Racial Classes Classes Sub-Classes

Adventures in Blackmoor: The DA series of adventures are the first official blackmoor books since the creation of D&D. While actually an adventure, it contains an extensive gazetteer section on playing in the blackmoor setting.

Dawn of the Emperors: This is the flagship product of the 13 book Gazetteer series. Each book details one specific country in the Mystara setting. This box introduces the General Skills rules which allow various combat and non-combat abilities to be added to player characters. In addition it provides rules covering aerial combat, two-weapon fighting, and Armor Value rules for making armor reduce damage instead of simply making a character harder to hit.

Racial Classes Classes Sub-Classes

Hollow World: The Mystara setting turns inward with the discovery that the planet is actually hollow. A new world withing the current one exists to be explored. Various new classes and regions are introduced.

Racial Classes Classes Sub-Classes
Beastman Shaman
Brute-Man Wokani
Krugel Orc
Malpheggi Lizard Man

Immortal Set (Level 1-36)

Adventures in Blackmoor

Dawn of the Emperors

Hollow World